Solar PV Electricity Generation Systems - Rooftop / Ground

Grid-Tied: Consume as you Generate! 10kWp ~ 5MWp

Off-grid Hybrid, battery based: Generate, Store and Use! 10 ~ 1000kWp

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ARDOR grEEn is driven by the zeal to promulgate use of renewable energy - mainly sunlight and wind, and thus replace fossil fuels. We all know, this will have a lasting positive impact on our planet and the environment. This is our two-bit towards leaving a cooler and grEEner earth. Towards this, we provide quality, robust and cost effective solutions to utilize renewable energy. With Solar Photovoltaic (PV) as the key vertical, we have plans to build utility scale plants too in the near future. Currently, we provide:

  1. A.Rooftop (or Ground) Solar PV Power Generation Systems:

  2. Grid connected OpEx / BOOT 200kWp ~ 10MWp. Customer pays only for the electricity from plant we build on customer’s roof/land

  3. Grid connected CapEx 10kWp to 5MWp

  4. With battery backup 10 to 1000kWp, or more

  1. B.Solar Industrial Process-Water Heating Systems

  2. C.Private PPAs between Utility scale power consumer and Developer

  3. D.EPC Management utility scale Solar PV, Wind Energy and Small Hydro

  4. E.Solar powered DC Submersible Pumping Systems

With plans to invest in and build Solar & Wind projects, ARDOR grEEn is in discussions with PE funds / MNCs looking to invest in Solar / Wind plants in India; to jointly build 400MW projects.

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ARDOR grEEn Solar & Wind Pvt Ltd

Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai, TN, India 600041

+91.9176096251 rba[at]ardorgreen[dot]in

Off-grid Hybrid, with Battery BackUp

12 ~ 24 hours on Solar Power

100% 5A + key 15A loads, viz.; Washing M/c, Pumps etc

Run Air Conditioners also on Heavy Duty Systems

Houses, Offices, Apartments, Schools, IT & Other Buildings

call +91.9176096251 to schedule a site-analysis

Empaneled with State Nodal Agency, TEDA

We were at stall A9 at

Industrial Solar Water Heating

Turnkey Solutions

Flat plate and Evacuated  tube collectors

Tank made from SS 304 / 316, glass-enameled MS etc.

5000 liters per day (lpd) to 100000 lpd sizes

MNRE approved designs and components

5 years warranty on tanks

Grid-tied Rooftop / Ground

Solar PV Power Plant

Generate and consume your own electricity as the sun shines!

  1. 1.OpEx / BOOT: 200 kWp ~ 20MWp. Zero capex. We construct plant on your roof / land. Pay monthly only for electricity generated from the plant

  2. 2.Capex 10kWp ~ 5MWp or more...

Offices, Hotels,  Factories, Colleges and Residential Clusters etc.

Go Live in 30~50 days!

Annual yield of a 100 kWp plant = 1.4 ~ 1.6 lakh AC units depending on the location and local weather conditions

100% Off Grid

With  batteries

1 ~ 3 days autonomy

Remote Resorts, Farms, Homes and Offices etc

Solar PV (and/or Wind) powered Water Supply Systems

Make : Grundfos, Denmark

Helical & Centrifugal Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps
30 ~ 300V DC, PE, or
1 x 90-240 V – 10 %/+ 6 %, 50/60 Hz, PE
11 Pump models
Capacities: 600 ~ 19000 lts / hour
(Apprx 3600 ~ 114000 lts /day)
@ Heads: 120 ~ 2 mts

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